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Welcome to services page of European Space Agency (ESA) Grid Processing on Demand (G-POD) for Earth Observation Applications.

The ESA G-POD is a generic GRID-based operational environment where specific data handling applications can be seamlessly plugged into system. Coupled with high-performance and sizeable computing resources managed by GRID technologies, it provides the necessary flexibility for building an application virtual environment with quick accessibility to data, computing resources and results.
The G-POD web portal is a flexible, secure, generic and distributed plat-form where the user can easily manage all its tasks. From the creation of a new task to the result publication, passing by the data selection and the job monitoring, the user goes trough a friendly and intuitive interface accessible from everywhere.
Measuring the Vegetation Change in EuropeMeasuring the Fuego Volcano Activity with Infra-RedVisualisation in Near Real-Time of MERIS Full Resolution ImagesMeasuring the Etna Volcano Activity with Infra-RedMonthly Global Earth Maps of Vegetation from MERISMeasuring the Lascar Volcano Activity with Infra-RedG-POD monitoring an Ice Shelf in dangerGlobal Earth True Colour MERIS MosaicsMERIS Global Vegetation Index (MGVI)Europe ASAR 90 metres mosaicASAR GMM Antarctica Mosaics

Hardware maintenance in ESRIN [January 13th]

2015-01-08   Due to a scheduled hardware maintenance on the network, G-POD could be unavailable on January 13th, 2015 from 9:00 till 13:00.

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InSAR SBAS service available on G-POD [November 10th]

2014-11-05   The InSAR SBAS service will be available from November 10th, 2014, to interested RSS users for processing SAR data from the ESA archives.

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G-POD Scheduled Maintenance ( [November 6th]

2014-11-04   Due to maintenance activities, on the 6th of November from 09:00 to 13:00 CET, data download from EO DATA GATEWAY could be temporarily unavailable.

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G-POD Scheduled Maintenance [October 30th]

2014-10-29   Due to maintenance activities, on the 30th of October from 09:00 to 13:00 CET, G-POD web portal access could be temporarily unavailable.

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